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Paws Control

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Paws Control is a highly durable and reliable dog lead designed for the comfort and safety of both you and your furry companion. The leash is made from a strong and sturdy material, which can withstand the pull and pressure of even the strongest dogs, ensuring that your pet stays securely by your side.

In addition, the reflective material on the leash ensures that it is highly visible, even in low light conditions, making it safer to use during early morning or late evening walks. This feature also enhances the leash's visibility to oncoming vehicles, which can help prevent accidents.

The bit of stretch in the leash provides a little bit of flexibility, reducing the shock impact if your dog suddenly pulls or jerks on the leash. This can help to prevent injuries to both you and your dog, and also reduce the likelihood of the leash breaking.

Overall, Paws Control is a high-quality dog lead that prioritizes both strength and safety.

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