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Scratch rope

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Introducing Scratch Rope – the perfect solution for keeping your furniture safe from your cat's claws! Our Scratch Rope is available in two thickness options, 4mm or 6mm, and comes in a generous 10-meter length, giving you plenty of rope to wrap around your furniture or scratching posts.

Made from high-quality, natural sisal fiber, Scratch Rope provides an irresistible surface for your cat to scratch and sharpen their claws. The rope is easy to wrap and tie, making it versatile and ideal for customizing any piece of furniture or scratching post to create a designated scratching area for your cat.

Not only does Scratch Rope protect your furniture, but it also provides your cat with a safe and satisfying outlet for their natural scratching instincts, helping to reduce unwanted scratching behavior in other areas of your home.

With Scratch Rope, you can transform any ordinary piece of furniture into a cat-friendly scratching surface in minutes. Order yours today and give your feline friend the perfect place to scratch!

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